Have You Been Watching “Stranger Things?”

It seems like everyone is watching the new Netflix series, “Stranger Things.” Have you seen it? It’s about a boy in a small town who goes missing — and the aftermath that follows. Set in Indiana in the early 1980’s, the show is both a homage and throwback to sci-fi classics like “ET” and “It.”

Kevin and I watched the first episode last night, and I have to say…I can’t wait to watch the second one tonight.

Anyone hooked on a show these days? I’d definitely recommend “Stranger Things!”

4 thoughts on “Have You Been Watching “Stranger Things?”

  1. Just watched the last one–soooooo good! If you haven’t already, google “Perfect Stranger Things” and enjoy! 🙂

  2. I’ve been trying to find something new to watch! After finishing How I Met Your Mother, we are now on House of Cards.. looking for something new to change it up a bit. Btw, if you’re looking for something interesting to watch, I recommend Helix! It is on the gory/violent side, but if you are into finding a cause on infectious disease/zombie-type of show, give it a try!

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