Happy Birthday, Dad

Today is my dad’s birthday.

I wish I could beam myself to New York and give him a big bear hug, or in the very least, make him a tomato sandwich with a generous smear of mayo and lots of salt and pepper.  Happy birthday, dad — I love you!


with his three younger brothers on their front stoop…


in Woods Hole in the 70’s… (I love his “no big deal, just caught a fish” face.)


and hanging out with me, my brother, and my brother’s friend — some time in the 90’s : )

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Dad

  1. Wonderful post Joy, Happy B-day Peter ! Some classic photos. Big brother Peter, little Tommy’s first steps, Mark in a life jacket on the porch ? Glory days on the Fisheries Wharf and hanging out in WH, what a great life and special moments. Wishing you many more to come.



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