Girl Crush.

My girl crush started when I saw Like Crazy in theaters and couldn’t take my eyes off of Felicity Jones, a young british actress who is gorgeous, endearing, and as elegant as Audrey Hepburn. I want to invite her over for tea and copy her every move. She is now up for an Oscar for her portrayal of Jane in the new movie “Theory of Everything,” and my fingers are crossed — even tough, admittedly, I haven’t seen it yet. I’m just crushing hard.

From a recent Vogue interview:

“Crossing her legs and leaning on her arm, Jones sits like a sixth-former in history class. Her minute frame and deliciously rounded cheeks defy her 30 years, as do some of her mannerisms – when she can’t remember the name of a director she admires (it turns out to be Andrea Arnold) she covers her eyes with eight small fingers and looks like a child playing an adult. Her voice slips between cut-glass clarity, and something more naive around her “ths” and “fs” which approaches a lisp. It’s this chameleon quality that has clearly enchanted the film industry. Ralph Fiennes observes: “She is a totally natural actress who can open a window for the audience. Through her eyes she conveys a rich inner life, full of emotion.” And although Jones doesn’t go as far as method acting, she’ll research each role to within an inch of its life. “Because that’s how I can take on a new headspace,” she says. She leaves nothing to chance, not even the smallest detail – if she needs to walk on stage or set with a handbag, she’ll fill it with the things she thinks her character would carry, irrespective of whether they are ever seen.”


Top image from Flick & Bits, bottom by Alisdair McLellan for Vogue 

2 thoughts on “Girl Crush.

  1. Ahhh, I love her so much too! Like Crazy is one of my favorites, especially when I need a good cry. I wanted to see Theory of Everything but now it’s not playing at my theater.

  2. Is it strange that I love women with those big front teeth? Georgia May Jagger is all the best parts of Jerry Hall with that Mick Jagger smile.

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