Found! The Perfect White Jeans

I have ordered three pairs of white jeans in my life. Total pairs of white jeans I have owned: zero. Last summer, I gave up on finding a pair and decided to face the bleak reality that I for so long refused to acknowledge: white jeans just didn’t work on me. 

BUT THEN! The other day, aimlessly browsing Gap before meeting a girlfriend for drinks, I found a pair of relaxed fitting white jeans. I put them on, despite a rather loud voice in my head telling me I was wasting my time, and was shocked to find that they worked; they don’t cling, they don’t highlight bumps, their slightly slouched look is effortless and tomboy-cool. And while I’ve always assumed loose fitting white jeans wouldn’t flatter, they actually are super slimming, and somehow make my legs look longer.

Who would have thought! I walked out without buying them because I’m hoping for a sale, but I can’t wait to bring those bad boys home.

Image via Kathy Kuo Home

5 thoughts on “Found! The Perfect White Jeans

  1. Yes! I have these jeans in light indigo and they are so perfect, I wear them all the time! Gap always has sales going on so I’m sure you’ll get a good deal on them soon.

    • Finally! I can’t stand seeing the pockets thru white jeans. I too will be sale watching. Congratulations on the new cooking endeavor. You’ve inspired me to rethink my current work situation and consider exploring a new path in life…

      • Wow, LOVE that, Eileen, and thank you so much! We’ll be waiting together…so far no dice but I heard they put their denim on sale less frequently (especially their top-selling pairs). Good luck rethinking and daydreaming new paths…:) XO

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