Found: Lip Gloss I Actually Want to Wear

Lip gloss is sexy in theory. It makes your mouth shimmer and shine seductively in a dark bar.

BUT. If you’ve worn lip gloss and walked down the street then you’re in on the secret: nothing is less sexy than releasing strands of sticky hair trapped in your glossed lips, or having to wipe the smear of gloss grease off of the side of your drink. Boyfriends avoid kisses, and the lip gloss tube falls to the bottom of your purse, to be discovered months later, sitting in a pile of sand and pennies.

I was directed to my dream lip gloss via the trusty Cup of Jo, in this article about three orange lipsticks. I couldn’t stop staring at the third option and how insanely kissable her mouth looked. So I ventured to my nearest CVS and picked up a tube.

The lip gloss itself is Almay color + care liquid lip balm, and it’s around $6. Here’s why it’s magic: the scent is super subtle and pleasant. I’m not interested in having my mouth smell like bubblegum, so that’s always a huge factor for me. It’s not tacky, gloopy, or too sticky. The formula goes on smooth, and I don’t immediately want to wipe it off, and the apricot pucker color is this pretty, summery color.


For just six bucks, I highly recommend!

(This post was not sponsored by Almay, in case you were wondering! : )

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