Fashionably On Time on The Cape

One thing about Cape Cod that continues to amaze me: people are super on time.

At first I thought it was just the friends I have.  I’d invite a couple girlfriends over for dinner, at, say, 7 — and I’d hear a knock on my door at 7 on the dot.  I’ve realized now that it’s definitely not just my friends, it’s the way of life here. It used to blow my mind — growing up in New York, I’m so used to everybody (myself, included!) being late. I think it’s actually considered polite to show up at least 15 minutes late to a dinner party.  What’s even more common is for people to be an hour late, and no one really makes a fuss, right? It was the subway, a last minute phone call, a stuck elevator, etc. Here, I’ve gathered that it’s fairly rude to be that late, so now I’m in this awkward limbo: do people really really want me to be on time? Am I being rude when I’m 15 minutes late? I feel so silly showing up not a minute late, but I’m getting the sense that “fashionably late” isn’t really a thing here.

This article about tardiness is kind of funny. In high school I was always 5 minutes late (it definitely wasn’t a power trip — I was commuting 45 minutes!) so for punishment, they made me come in 15 minutes earlier and sign in. How obnoxious is that?

Image from classy in the city

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