Do You Procrastinate?

Everyone does, right? This Science of Us article claims that procrastination, at its core, “represents shoddy treatment of the one person who should matter most to you: the future you.” Ouch.

I’ve found that if I have one thing to do, I’m less likely to do it than if I have eight pressing things to do. I also will procrastinate the most random, non-daunting tasks, like recycling a piece of junk mail, or listening to a voicemail.

This article has a great suggestion: instead of beating yourself up about procrastinating at the end of the day, jot down the ways in which you were successful, including an accomplishment you’re proud of, big or small, and what you’d like to do differently tomorrow (besides not procrastinate, ha). Makes sense that patting yourself on the back for the things you DID accomplish would make it easier to tackle the harder things tomorrow, right? Also a great reminder that beating yourself up in general is rarely ever productive (ahem, five pounds).


Photo by Paul Bailey

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