Do You Make Weekend Plans?

Now that it’s Friday, I thought I’d ask the question: do you plan your weekends? The “link roundup” — aka posting a list of cool links and sharing your weekend plans — is a steady trend on lifestyle blogs (guilty), and I’m always impressed by how productive and fun-filled everyone’s plans are. Shit, I often think, I need to step up my game. A typical weekend around here looks something like this, and they usually end up blurring together. Even typing that and I’m embarrassed, but as a homebody through and through, I need a real kick in the ass before I’m taking off for an impromptu camping trip. It’s good that Kevin is more adventurous than I am, but sometimes I really freak myself out by how happy I am to just go for a walk, bake some scones, and read a good article. You old soul, my mom says.

SO, do you plan your weekends? Or are you someone like me? I was talking about this with a friend the other day and she said weekends completely change once you have kids. All those kids birthday parties, right? I can only imagine…

3 thoughts on “Do You Make Weekend Plans?

  1. I LOVE WEEKENDS LIKE YOURS. They are the best. My weekends get busy quickly, and that’s good — a sign of a full life! — but definitely not the *only* sign of a full, fun, productive life. Kicking back can be just as “productive” for homebodies like us… and it’s called the week-end for a reason! I love the chance to do everything you might dismiss in the busyness of the week. Last weekend, I took a screen-free day, brought my journal and a book to my favorite coffee shop, and enjoyed the beautiful weather outside, totally analog. It was bliss.

  2. I often find my summer weekends are very busy. Friend’s beach house! Aunt’s lake house! Camping! Day trips and weekend trips abound. Which is great, but then sometimes I end up scrambling to keep up with laundry, grocery shopping, etc. In the winter, though, I’m much less busy on the weekends. I look forward to that time, too– so nice to be home and cozy! I’m a homebody at heart, as well.

  3. Your article rings so true to me! So many of the lifestyle blogs I follow do that exact thing: listing out their fabulous, full weekend plans, and it’s super easy for me to compare and feel down about my own boring life. But when I reflect on the weekends where I have a really packed agenda, I notice that I’m usually completely wiped out and miserable by the end. If I just take a breath and go with the flow, surprising, memorable things end up happening on their own! (Admittedly sometimes much easier said than done. :))

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