Do or Don’t: TV Viewing Parties

I’m FINALLY hooked on Game of Thrones, but to offset the seriousness I’ve been supplementing with Togetherness, which is way lighter and about as amusing as Game of Thrones is gory. My mom also just highly recommended the show “Catastrophe.”

What have you been watching? Also, speaking of…I had a funny debate with a friend recently over TV viewing parties. I’m Team Total Silence and Zero Chit Chat — even with a show like the Bachelor — so TV viewing parties are SO frustrating (I’m the person shh-ing everyone), while my friend argued that it’s way more fun to watch shows with friends so you can debrief during commercial breaks and do all your “ooooh’s!! and holy shit’s!” together. Also, you can order pizza, and it’s just an easy way to get together mid week.

Thoughts? Does it depend on the friends? The show?

2 thoughts on “Do or Don’t: TV Viewing Parties

  1. I met Rob Delaney (the male co-star of “Catastrophe”) at a dinner party in Paris in summer 2009! He was just at the beginning of his career and talked to us about doing stand-up in L.A. It is still so nuts to me to see his name in the figurative lights now!!! I did see a couple episodes of that show and LOVED it.

    As for viewing parties… I am zero conversion when the show is happening, and WAY in favor of debriefing during commercials. “Holy shit” and other reactions are welcome during viewing though — it is so fun to share the “oh snap!!!!” moments with others. And then I make them wait patiently until commercials for us to speculate 🙂 🙂 🙂

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