Do or Don’t: Off the Shoulder Tops

Off the shoulder tops have been going strong for a year now. I love how they look, especially with tan shoulders on display, and collar bones at center stage. But every time I try one on, I’m…confused. First off, how do you keep the sleeves from sliding up? How do you wear a sweater over it? HOW DO YOU LIFT UP YOUR ARMS?

Even though it seems entirely impractical, I’m still tempted to buy one. Do you own an off the shoulder top? Do you love it (and reach for it often?). I’m eyeing this simple one right now…

Top photo via Madewell. 

2 thoughts on “Do or Don’t: Off the Shoulder Tops

  1. I love them!! I sew a lot of my own clothes and have already made 5 for myself for the spring and summer!! My bit of advice– do not buy an off the shoulder top that is advertised as being worn “on OR off the shoulder.” If a top is made to fit off the shoulder, the sleeve is cut much shorter at the top (you don’t need that extra fabric to cover your shoulder) than a regular top is that’s worn on the shoulder. If it’s a true off the shoulder top, it actually should stay in place pretty well. There’s no extra fabric, and no room under the arm for the fabric to shift. I will say, though, I have three kids, and they are TOTALLY impractical when on mom duty (just begging for a clothing malfunction!). They are strictly date-night only for me!

  2. I agree with Amanda…they are fun for “date-night.” I think they are sexy (“playful”) and best reserved for a time when you are relaxing. Work on your tan! And no “ahem” shoulder-strap tan lines, please!

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