Deal Breaker: Who Gets the Good Seat?

Picture this: you’re going out to dinner with a friend, and the hostess walks you to a sweet little table for two. One seat is this plush, velvety bench up against the wall, and the other seat is this tiny, stiff, wobbly chair. Obviously, you both want the comfy option.

In my last relationship, there was never really that pause in front of the table to decide who sat where. I always got the good seat, and he always just went for the bad seat. Occasionally I would stop and say, “are you sure…?” but he never seemed to mind, and knew how much I loved to people watch.

The other night, I went out to dinner with a guy friend. As we approached the table, the good seat vs. bad seat option became obvious, and I was bummed when he plopped down in the winner. Granted, we’re not dating, and our relationship functions on a brother/sister level, but then I started to wonder: is that a deal breaker for me? As we skimmed the menu I asked him if he would have offered me the good seat if I were his girlfriend and he had to think about it for a whole five seconds.

I’m pretty sure it’s a deal breaker for me, especially if it’s on the first date, don’t you think? Thoughts?


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7 thoughts on “Deal Breaker: Who Gets the Good Seat?

  1. Agreed! That would be a deal breaker for me too.
    Another one: when you’re out with a guy and you pick up wine, or groceries and other items and he doesn’t carry the obviously heavier bag. I’m a little too direct – would probably plop it right down and say, “here – you take it” haha…but it’s still nice to be offered.

  2. Agreed. A few other deal breakers for me…

    – Opening a taxi cab door, so I can get in first
    – Holding a door open (elevator, store door, front, door, etc.), so I can get in first
    – Companion walks on the street side
    My husband had to be reminded of the last one. But, he now he knows – and hasn’t missed a beat. Funny thing, is that when I’m on a business trip with male colleagues…always interesting to see which do/don’t do the above.

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