Date Nights on Cape Cod

Date nights are crucial, right? Even if it’s just ordering take-out and watching a movie at home, I love calling one night a week “date night” and taking the opportunity to catch up and shoot the shit, just the two of us. Our options for going out are slim here, but getting out of the house is also critical for our sanity, so we work with what we have. Here’s what a typical date night looks like around here, if you’re wondering…

IMG_7370 DSC_0346 (1)

We start with wine at home. Getting wine at a restaurant is fun, but it racks up the bill, so we save some money by having a glass before dinner. Key word: some. Kevin pours, and we unwind. It also gives me the opportunity to get out my goofiness and tell any funny, maybe-not-restaurant-appropriate stories from the day. Very important.

I will often dress up for these nights — since our small town is so casual, I take any excuse to whip out my “city clothes” — in this case, some polka dot tights. I totally insisted Kevin take that photo of my legs and he was like, um…okay… Haha. (6 bucks at Forever21! Cute, right?)

IMG_7372 (1)

For a late dinner, we go to La Civetta, the coziest and most romantic little Italian restaurant in town. You walk in and the day melts away. I love when restaurants make a real effort to have a comfortable, lived-in and romantic atmosphere, and this place nails it — from the fresh flowers to the pretty bar tiles — everything feels lovingly and thoughtfully chosen.


Their carbonara always hits the spot. Silky, satisfying, and with a guanciale-to-pasta ratio that I can get down with.

Some goofy mug shots…(Caught on camera! Kevin’s signature side smirk).


Love a man who can finish a bowl of pasta in five minutes, flat. Also, kudos to this guy and his sweet patience during an especially rocky week. I think I’ve cried during every other conversation we’ve had. BUT, date nights must go on, right?

I’m curious: What’s your ideal date night?

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