Date Nights at Home (Plus, a Giveaway!)

In an effort to save a little money, Kevin and I have been embracing date nights at home. We cook dinner (Kevin’s go-to’s are steak or enchiladas, I always make pasta), then lounge in our slippers and share stories from our day.

But how do you make it feel date-y and maybe a little sexy when it’s just the two of you and the dog is farting? I might swipe on some lipstick, we’ll light candles, Kev will pour us some wine, and we’ll put our phones away (not having them at the table with us is huge for making the meal feel more like a date since we keep phones away when we dine out). As for the dog farting — well…haven’t figured that one out yet. 🙂

Recently, I’ve been upping our date night game even more by setting the table with gorgeous pieces from the online home essentials shop, Snowe. Everything is simple and timeless (from wine glasses to hand towels), and I love their aim to design pieces that impress without intimidate. In their words: Just because our dinnerware and flatware have the finest European pedigree doesn’t mean you can’t eat with your elbows on the table.

The other night I was craving spaghetti, and I wanted to serve something bright and twirly in their pasta bowls as one last final goodbye to summer — I am in serious denial. I chose this recipe, which makes a pesto out of roasted cherry tomatoes, walnuts, anchovies, and parmesan. It was even warm enough that evening that we could eat outside in our little patio as the sun set. (!)

I love how Snowe’s dinnerware would make boxed Mac & Cheese look fancy. They’re durable and long lasting without being too delicate or precious. I’m dying to try out their line of linens and luxe bathrobes, too.


Later, we started New York Time’s 36 Questions that lead to love. Have you tried it? We got through the first set and plan to finish the rest later because, whew, it was a lot of talking (I was surprised to learn that Kevin doesn’t rehearse phone calls, whereas I almost always write down what I want to say before making the call:).

I am partnering with Snowe to offer a gift card to one lucky reader! Sign up for Snowe’s newsletter by entering your email address below, and you’ll be automatically entered to win a $250 gift card to their shop. This giveaway will be closed December 1st at 12am ET, and is open to US readers only. Good luck!

P.S. With 3 Chairs growing (yay!) I aim to stay very transparent with any partnerships or sponsorships. I’m pleased to say that this post was sponsored! Thank you so much for reading and supporting 3 Chairs.

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  1. Love this post Joy! Gorgeous photos of you and Kevin and your backyard. Always important to try and make an effort to find time to connect, especially without the phones!!!

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