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Last night, over tacos, my friend Emily told me about the podcast “Strangers.” Have you heard of it? I’ve been binge listening to the episodes she recommended: Lex, The Truth, Eleven UpOutside In.

Be forewarned: some of the episodes are so heavy, so much so that I had to pause one half way through and take a cry-breather. But they’re so heartbreaking and riveting, an “empathy shot in your arm.” Highly recommend, if you’re on the hunt for a new podcast.

Discover any new podcasts recently? There are SO MANY good ones these days! XO

7 thoughts on “Current Favorite Podcast

  1. My new favorite is Homecoming – a 6-part, serialized fiction podcast featuring some really big names doing the voice acting! (David Schwimmer and others). It’s a fun one to binge.

    How I Built This is another great one. It’s produced by NPR and features conversations with incredibly successful entrepreneurs (i.e. the creator of Spanx, creator of Clif Bars, etc.). So inspiring to listen to!

  2. I’ll have to check this out! I listened to In the Dark on your recommendation last year, and it was hands down the best podcast I listened to–so thanks!

  3. Missing: Richard Simmons is highly addictive! My husband was not prepared for the amount of Richard Simmons conspiracy theories I would want to discuss!

  4. Have you listened to You Must Remember This? It’s about old Hollywood. The season about Charles Manson is particularly engaging!

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