Casual Summer Wedding — Help!

In a few weeks, one of my closest friends, Jennelle, is having a super casual wedding in her backyard, down the street from me. I haven’t been to a wedding since I was one (!) so I’m beyond excited. There’s going to be oysters, music, and probably a dash to the ocean at the end of the night :). Help me decide what to wear!

Look #1:

forever 32 madewell

Dress // Heels

look #2:

loft shoes

Dress// Heels

Look #3:

image4xxl nordstrom

Dress// Heels

Do you have a favorite? I’m leaning towards #1, but I’ve also always wanted to wear white heels, and I would wear #2’s dress all summer. Hmmm….

Top image via therapeutic copies.

12 thoughts on “Casual Summer Wedding — Help!

  1. I think #1 is absolutely lovely! Also, from embarrassing personal experience: the white heels may be lovely but if this truly is a backyard wedding in the literal sense, then you may be in danger of heels just sinking right into the ground!

  2. Definitely #1, agree with Remy about the belt, but if it’s a casual outdoor wedding, I personally think you will regret wearing heels! You can/will
    get stuck in the ground, get sand in them and end up being uncomfortable (personal experience here).
    just sayin’
    Love your blog
    Take care and have lots of fun.

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