Calling All Over-Thinkers

I had an a-ha moment yesterday, right in the middle of one of my what the hell am I doing right now freak-outs. “I know what I’m doing!” I exclaimed to Juniper, who was licking her paw on the couch. I’M OVERTHINKING!!!! 

Why it has taken me almost 27 years to figure this out I have no idea, but I feel so relieved. It’s like everything, all of a sudden, makes perfect sense.

Just to give you an idea of what I’ve been working with these 27 years; here’s a thought process I had about 3 minutes before writing this post, on deciding when to go grocery shopping:

I could go grocery shopping now, squeeze in a walk and 10 minutes of pilates, or I could eat lunch now, then pilates, then shop. But then I’d have to wait half an hour to do pilates so I can digest…at which point I’ll be pushing it too close into my afternoon plans. OR I could go grocery shopping tonight, do pilates now, and have lunch after. Oh, that’s a good idea. I like grocery shopping at night. It’s kind of peaceful in a way. OH WAIT but that means that the produce section will be picked over, and I’ve been really in the mood for cucumbers. I could skip my workout today. I could just do it. How many cucumbers should I get? 

And let me be clear: that entire train of thought probably took no longer than 20 seconds. What, you may ask, am I thinking for the other 86,360 seconds in the day? Hang on, let me think about that.


The plus side? I feel like it kind of makes me me in a way. But how do I rein it in, just a little? This article suggests writing all my worries down on a piece of paper, then tossing it in the trash. I might even go the extra mile and burn it, for my own sake. And #8 is also huge for me: stop trying to predict the future.

So I’d love to know: are you an over thinker? How do you quiet your mind? I’m grateful for any tips you have!

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3 thoughts on “Calling All Over-Thinkers

  1. Totally ! Luckily my husband thinks it’s cute and funny most of the time. I say it’s exhausting. I had an epiphany while he was teaching me how to drive … I needed to literally shut my brain off !! Simple manual tasks usually help, and for me drawing/painting, also my 5-year-old !!!

    Rein in not reign 😉

  2. I totally catch myself doing this sometimes. I usually make myself stop and then ask myself: what do I WANT to do???

    And then it (usually) becomes very clear 🙂


  3. Loved this – I often say to people I’d like an off button! Have you tried the Headspace app? I’ve just got into a routine doing 1 session a day at the same time in the afternoon, and it’s amazing! You get time to check in with your head and learn not to react to the babble, and watch it come and go. It’s hard to explain but sounds like you might love it!

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