Calling All Over-Thinkers

I had an a-ha moment yesterday, right in the middle of one of my what the hell am I doing right now freak-outs. “I know what I’m doing!” I exclaimed to Juniper, who was licking her paw on the couch. I’M OVERTHINKING!!!! 

Why it has taken me almost 27 years to figure this out I have no idea, but I feel so relieved. It’s like everything, all of a sudden, makes perfect sense.

Just to give you an idea of what I’ve been working with these 27 years; here’s a thought process I had about 3 minutes before writing this post, on deciding when to go grocery shopping:

I could go grocery shopping now, squeeze in a walk and 10 minutes of pilates, or I could eat lunch now, then pilates, then shop. But then I’d have to wait half an hour to do pilates so I can digest…at which point I’ll be pushing it too close into my afternoon plans. OR I could go grocery shopping tonight, do pilates now, and have lunch after. Oh, that’s a good idea. I like grocery shopping at night. It’s kind of peaceful in a way. OH WAIT but that means that the produce section will be picked over, and I’ve been really in the mood for cucumbers. I could skip my workout today. I could just do it. How many cucumbers should I get? 

And let me be clear: that entire train of thought probably took no longer than 20 seconds. What, you may ask, am I thinking for the other 86,360 seconds in the day? Hang on, let me think about that.


The plus side? I feel like it kind of makes me me in a way. But how do I rein it in, just a little? This article suggests writing all my worries down on a piece of paper, then tossing it in the trash. I might even go the extra mile and burn it, for my own sake. And #8 is also huge for me: stop trying to predict the future.

So I’d love to know: are you an over thinker? How do you quiet your mind? I’m grateful for any tips you have!

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2 thoughts on “Calling All Over-Thinkers

  1. Totally ! Luckily my husband thinks it’s cute and funny most of the time. I say it’s exhausting. I had an epiphany while he was teaching me how to drive … I needed to literally shut my brain off !! Simple manual tasks usually help, and for me drawing/painting, also my 5-year-old !!!

    Rein in not reign 😉

  2. I totally catch myself doing this sometimes. I usually make myself stop and then ask myself: what do I WANT to do???

    And then it (usually) becomes very clear :)


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