Be Safe.

This weekend is a big one, with thousand of marches and protests happening around the country (this is awesome). I’ll be joining the Women’s March in NYC, but I’m proud to know my small town on Cape Cod will be uniting forces tomorrow as well. For anyone raising their fists in the next few days, please be safe and kind to one another as you do so. Sending lots of love. We can do this! XO

“We need to fight for each other, every last one of us. Not to “tolerate”, like one tolerates painful shoes, but to proudly say that this world belongs to all of us, and that we’re not going anywhere…on the page, and in the street, we must write a better story.”Molly Crabapple

Top photo via the Pollchic

One thought on “Be Safe.

  1. I attended a march in Washington state and the atmosphere was amazing! All positivity and lots of families. A pro-life protester yelled at the group once and the Women’s March group responded, “We love you.” I hope everyone had an equally incredible experience!

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