An Ode to Rainboot(ies)

This coming week is supposed to be rainy and thunderstormy, so today I whipped out my trusty Hunter booties. I was lucky enough to get them as a Christmas gift, and I think they’re the best thing since sliced bread. Even though I like the way tall rain boots look, they’re a pain to pack and just kind of dominate your outfit. Ankle rain boots still keep your feet dry, look great with everything, and make rainy days chicer. You can get find them with laces, buckles, a little wedge, a bright color, shiny patent, or classic and simple. I’m surprised they aren’t more popular, and highly recommend them if you’re in need of some new rain gear!

P.S. With all these cloudy days lined up, Kevin and I have plans to go see Black Mass. Anyone seen?

3 thoughts on “An Ode to Rainboot(ies)

  1. Joy, I have been eyeing up the rain booties at both JCrew and Madewell, but have actually been wondering if they would go with everything. What do you like to wear with yours? Are they mostly good with jeans, or have you ever paired them with anything else?

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