An Insider Tip for Movie Lovers

This weekend, while schmoozing at a holiday party, I was sharing my disbelief that movie tickets in NYC now cost around $17 and often have assigned seatings when the person next to me bellowed, with great enthusiasm, GET THE MOVIE PASS APP!!!! 

This is the third person in the last week to rave about the app, so I went home and did some poking around online. Basically, it works like a subscription service: you pay just under 10 dollars a month to see as many movie as you’d like in theatres (actually, you’re limited to one movie per day, but still, you could go to a movie every single day of the year if you wanted). After signing up, you’re mailed a Movie Pass card that’s hooked up to your phone, and it works at most movie theatres — 91% of theatres in the country, to be exact (you can see a list of theatres near you that accept Movie Pass here). I’m really tempted to sign up, especially since I go to the movies at least once a month and there are so many out right now that I would immediately go see, like this one and this one.

Speaking of movies…one thing I want to do more of in the New Year is to work up the courage to go on more dates with myself, and the movies seems like a good place to start — doesn’t it sound nice to treat yourself to a glass of wine, sit at a bar with a book, then go to a showing of something no one else wants to see (with these in your bag)? I actually have never done it before, but I have friends who swear by solo movie nights. Also, Metrograph in New York accepts Movie Pass, and I’ve always wanted to check it out — they screen old films and serve cacio e pepe popcorn!

Anyway, I wanted to share this tip, even if it isn’t such a secret anymore :). Do you have Movie Pass? Anything we should know about before buying?? XO

4 thoughts on “An Insider Tip for Movie Lovers

  1. So, my husband and I discussed doing this extensively, but most of the theaters near us are now the kinds where you reserve seats beforehand, and you apparently can’t pre-purchase tickets with Movie Pass (I think you have to be AT the theater to get the tickets). We prefer to sit together, so the fact that we’d probably rarely be able to find seats next to each other made us decide to skip it. BUT, if you’re interested in frequently going to movies solo (or don’t care if you sit next to your movie partner, which is totally reasonable), it sounds like an AMAZING deal!

  2. It’s one of those things that sounds too good to be true! But apparently the founder is also the founder of Netflix, so it’s probably legit. I’ve heard rave reviews from almost everyone, except for one friend who’s been billed for 3 months and never got his pass — and the only way to reach anyone at the company is through email, apparently. He’ll get one follow up email and then no more when he tries to cancel.

    Kind of a one off, but something to be aware of!

  3. I haven’t heard of Movie Pass so I will have to check this out–thanks! As for going to the movies yourself, I finally went to several on my own this year for the first time in my life, and it wasn’t a big deal at all! In fact, I wondered why I hadn’t been doing it for ages. I find it to be a very low-stakes way of doing something entirely on my own.

  4. Going to movies solo is the best. I started doing it when my maternity leave started, but I hadn’t had my baby yet, so I was anxious and killing time… it was so nice to not decide with anyone else what you want to see, not sharing snacks (GIVE ME ALL THE POPCORNS), and sitting where ever you want. And if you have time to kill beforehand, you can just sit in your seat and look at stuff on your phone until it starts.

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