An Epic Quiche Worthy of Christmas Morning

While my two college roommates were visiting, we made this epic quiche from Bon Appetit. The original recipe calls three heads of garlic, two cups of cheddar, a braided pie crust and almost a full cup of heavy cream (plus crème fraîche!). Yowza.

It was by far the best quiche I’ve ever had, and I’ve thought about it ever since. It would be the sort of thing you could make for your in-laws. Bonus: none of the ingredients are finicky or hard to get a ahold of — in fact, you may have most of them on hand already.

My notes on the recipe: we ended up using 8 cloves of garlic instead of three heads, which just sounded insane, and it definitely was still filled with garlic flavor. We also cut the amount of cheddar cheese to one cup because we literally couldn’t pack anymore in, and used sour cream instead of crème fraîche. The heavy cream we cut down to a few tablespoons, and the quiche was still plenty creamy. For the crust, we made a simple all-butter pie crust and skipped on the braiding. Even with these adaptions, the quiche was decadent and complex. See the full recipe here.

P.S. What do you usually make for Christmas morning breakfast?

5 thoughts on “An Epic Quiche Worthy of Christmas Morning

  1. That looks really wonderful! We usually do some kind of egg bake/casserole and frozen fruit cups, which were my grandma’s recipe and my favorite thing ever. I’m thinking about making the Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning…they’re so good, but kind of fussy to make. If I get ambitious I’ll make them this week and freeze them until Christmas!

  2. Sounds great! Good to know about your adaptations. I might have passed that recipe over since the braided dough seems kind of intense, but of course you can modify like you did.

    I’ve made Brie Stuffed French Toast for Christmas morning and it’s quite good, I think. I don’t usually turn to The Food Network, but this was one of the first things my bf ever cooked for me and it’s decadent and delicious and worthy of a special occasion!

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