An Awesome New Podcast

For podcast fans: I just discovered “In the Dark,” a series about a 27-year long investigation of an 11-year old boy who went missing in 1989. I keep describing it as Serial meets Stranger Things meets Making a Murderer, so if you liked any of those, you’ll definitely get hooked on this. They release a new episode every week– you can listen to the first four here (I can’t wait for next week!).

Anyone listening to any good podcasts these days?

Photo via The Guardian of the search party after Jacob’s abduction. 

4 thoughts on “An Awesome New Podcast

  1. YAS. I love new podcasts, especially true crime ones. Do you listen to Criminal? That’s another really good one that covers a different crime each episode.

  2. I am loving Mystery Show and How Did This Get Made? Will definitely check out In the Dark. I binge listen during road trips. Makes the miles go by much faster.

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