A Year with Juniper

Exactly a year ago today, I brought Juniper home from the shelter. She was quiet, tentative and in desperate need of a mama. This dog is something special — she can be both the most graceful, agile beast and the biggest baby. Having her has been endless entertainment, and so much rewarding work. I’ve surprised myself with some intense maternal instincts (like quickly checking her pita chip ears to see if she’s cold and turning down two dog walkers before finding a “suitable” one.)


My favorite thing about her, though, might be how observant and aware of her surroundings she is. She will stop in her tracks to watch an airplane go by overhead, and stare intently at an old tree that’s creaking in the wind.

Clearly, this girl is my favorite!

IMG_3670 IMG_3672

P.S. the day I met her, what it’s like to own a pit bull, New York City dog parks and the puppy quiz.

Photos taken with my new Canon T3 Rebel. 

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