A Weekend in New York

This past weekend, Kevin and I took a little trip to New York City.


If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I’ve started sneaking pictures of the handsome fellow. Full disclosure: he is my boyfriend! I can tell you how we met in another post (is that interesting to you guys?) but in the meantime, here’s a recap of the weekend, starting with…

Absolute Bagels. A no brainer.

We waited in line with hungover Columbia students, then took our bagels across the street to the park. He was surprised that my go to is simply a plain bagel with scallion cream cheese, but when it’s so good, it doesn’t need to be complicated. Amirite?

Later, we walked the leafy streets of Brooklyn Heights and made our way to the bridge. It took us half an hour to actually find the start of it (since it stretches on and on forever) so by the time we were weaving tourists and fast bikers I was thinking, it’s a figurative bridge, not a literal one. Just make it across. I know, melodramatic.

That night, we had drinks at a rooftop bar…

Then dinner with friends at Upland, which was incredible, and included a Matthew Broderick spotting and this crazy looking mushroom thing:



The secret to good iPhone pics at dimly lit restaurants! Who knew…(pssst! That’s the Crunchy Radish in action).

Sunday was mellow, with a farmer’s market trip and brunch with my parents. On an unrelated note, I didn’t realize just how big the Birkenstocks trend has gotten. Everyone was wearing them. EVERYONE.

On the way back to the Cape, we made a pit stop at Brick in New Bedford. It’s my favorite pizza, with the best sour dough-y crust and salty toppings (and a glass of wine for 6 bucks, score). I highly, highly recommend it.

P.S. Kevin looks so bummed in this photo but I swear we were having a good time!

Yes, we got three pizzas for the two of us.

Now back to reality. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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