A Trip to Little Saint Simon’s Island

Last month, my family and I took a trip to a small island off the coast of Georgia called “Little Saint Simon’s Island.” Here are a few photos if you’d like to see…


Only accessible by boat, the island feels miles and miles away from everything. It’s actually taken me so long to write this post because every time I try to to describe Little Saint Simon’s, I feel like an over-enthusiastic tour guide, using words like “magical.” So, here’s my attempt at not sounding like Steve Irwin…


Only 32 people stay at the island at one time. The trees are draped in Spanish moss, which makes the whole place feel like something out of a fairy tale (hint: magical).

Meals are served family style, either in the dining room or picnic-style outside. Every meal is started with the ringing of a cow bell. Are you starting to picture it yet?


All the food is prepared that day on island, and everything is delicious. Pictured below: crab cakes, fresh greens from the garden, roasted veggies and lemon squares.


There are no TVs or phones in the room, and wifi is spotty at best. It’s okay though! It’s more than okay. It’s what we all need.


I didn’t take my camera on all the adventures but there were many; every day after breakfast and lunch, the activities were announced to the group (kayaking, bird watching, hiking, alligator watching, etc), and off we all dispersed.

The days passed quickly exploring the island, and by night everyone was exhausted and starving. My favorite time of day was probably the “happy hour” before dinner, where you could sit on the porch facing the water, have some snacks and sip a beer.


Side note: the beer in the background below was so good. Keep an eye out for it if you live in the South, it’s based in Georgia!


After hours looked like this: drinks in the main cabin catching up with my brother and sister-in-law. Also, games! We played this one a few times.


On the last day, there was a cookout…

img_9486 img_9488

My happy place: a pile of burgers. No joke.


Tender baby carrots from the garden with fresh herbs…


Another great part about the island: you end up becoming friends with everyone else because you eat all your meals together. At first it’s always a little awkward, but by the end, you’re hugging goodbye.


What a treat that trip was. I wish I could beam myself back there right now…


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