A Trick For Making Yourself Run

One of my closest friends is a runner. She runs everyday, and it’s not only something that she thoroughly enjoys, it’s a survival thing for her, too — like eating, or sleeping, or drinking coffee –without it, she feels completely off. “I can’t wait for my run later” she’s said, MULTIPLE TIMES, while I gawk in the background.

Here’s the thing: I have never liked running, and I don’t think I ever will. BUT, the way I feel afterwards, and the way that feeling lingers for most of the day…THAT makes it worth it. So, I’ve been trying something new recently, and it’s doable, and more importantly, I’ve been doing it. Here’s my trick for getting out the door:

First of all, I’m not allowed to shower until after I run. I basically boss myself around (think: you’re not allowed to leave the table until you eat all your broccoli), and I can be pretty bossy, so it works! Secondly: I only make my runs twenty minutes long. It’s long enough that I break a sweat and feel refreshed afterwards, but not long enough that I start to think “I’m never doing this again.” So far, it’s really worked, so I thought I’d share! What are your exercising tricks?

3 thoughts on “A Trick For Making Yourself Run

  1. Two tricks: Do it first thing in the morning before you’re awake enough to think about not wanting to do it. Roll straight from bed into the run. Secondly, tell yourself that you’ll lace up your shoes and do 5 minutes. If you want to stop after 5, you can. But at that point you usually can commit!

  2. I love what Posie said! One of my favorite motivators that we say at barre3: when you feel totally ready to give up, make yourself to 5 more reps of the thing, and THEN you can give yourself a break. That helps build endurance and it makes the break feel sooo nice and earned. You could totally apply it to running: take 10 more steps, or run past 3 more houses, or make it to that mailbox up ahead, or whatever.
    Cute exercise gear helps too! Believe it or not, Forever 21’s sports bras are AMAZING. They have (removable) cups, cute shapes and colors — basically, they’re flattering. What a novel idea, right?!

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