A Tip For Living Together

Kevin and I have only been living together for only a few weeks, but already, there is so much new territory to explore. As my friend puts it, you are co-producing your life together. And, as another friend sagely said, Everything is out in the open. All your weird habits are exposed, and you’re going to hear each other take a shit at some point. 



Well, the other day, I was chatting with a girlfriend, and the topic of delegating house chores came up — “It’s so tiresome to bicker over cleaning,” I lamented. And then she told me this genius tip:

You sit down with your significant other and individually write up a list of chores you absolutely can’t stand doing. You compare the lists, then divy up the tasks accordingly. (i.e. “You despise mopping? I don’t mind mopping!”) Smart, right? This would work with roommates, too.

I want to try it ASAP, preferably over a bottle of wine.

Photo by Michelle Lyerly

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