A Sweet Poem

I’m about to hit the road for a trip to NYC, but I wanted to quickly share this sweet poem from the series “Some Bunnies,” by Amy Jean Porter. There are bunnies EVERYWHERE in Woods Hole right now, and they always make me smile, darting across lawns with their tiny twitching noses.


Some bunny
by mid-afternoon
has a raging headache.
She can hear everything
for miles:
the thousands of
cousins and
frolicking squirrels and
chirping birds and
damn them all
to bits and
Taylor Swift.
Some bunny just
makes it back to her
burrow and
scoots down
into the hole that
she dug for
herself, covered
in bits of grass and
dirt and old fur
and some bunny
wraps her ears
around her head
and sticks her nose
into her paws
and is
for now.

Image by Sharon Montrose

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