A Random and Very Important Life Hack

This one comes from my honorary intern, Rémy, and is something my mom has engrained in me from the time I started making phone calls:

Anytime you call a customer service line and speak to someone on the phone (or in person, for that matter), ask for their name. Jot it down along with the date, and keep it somewhere safe. You never know when you’ll have to call back, and being able to say, “I spoke to Jenny on October 6th,” rather than just “I called a few weeks ago…” usually gets you wayyyy closer to the solution in about half the time.

I can’t say enough about how helpful this tip has been — it’s one of those things that I would include in a list of Random but Very Important Life Hacks to Remember Forever. Speaking of those…anyone have any other good ones up your sleeve?

Image by Nicole Franzen

4 thoughts on “A Random and Very Important Life Hack

  1. Yes! This is a good one. I also always like to ask the person how they are doing before diving into the content of the call. When you start a conversation with “hello, how are you?” (rather than “hi, I’m calling because I have an issue with ____”) they automatically humanize and want to help you out more readily. It’s my biggest life hack for sure, and works like a charm every time.

  2. I love this practical facet — thanks, Joy and Kakes! I had actually only ever thought of it from a standpoint similar to Melissa’s ^^^ it feels like good practice to remember someone’s name if I’m depending on them for help. I like being sweet and saying “Thanks so much for your help with this, phil.” Plus I tell myself it’s positively reinforcing good customer service to hopefully minimize shitty customer service in the future 🙂

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