A Neat Beauty Tip.

Finally! A beauty tip I’ve never heard of. This one comes from Eva Mendes

Apparently, if you put a little creme blush on your nose (as well as your cheeks), it will make everything look more “cohesive, natural, and sunkissed.” At first, I was kind of scratching my head. Who wants a pink nose? But if you think about it, it starts to makes sense — after a day in the sun, you do get a little color on your nose as well as your cheeks, right? I can imagine it having a really subtle, pretty effect. I think I’m going to have to give it a shot. Who’s with me?!

Image via Claire Alice Young

2 thoughts on “A Neat Beauty Tip.

  1. I used to do this!!!But then contouring happened and I was like, urrrgh I should’ve been highlighting it instead of blushing it. It’s so confusing to be a woman!!

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