A Laughing Break

On this dragging and nondescript Wednesday, I’d like to ask: what is one thing that always makes you laugh?

Without fail, the website Reductress has me cracking up and often buckling over, with article titles like, “5 Fun Conversation Starters for the Fake phone Call You Make on Your Walk Home Alone” and “How to Pretend Like the Holes in Your Sexy Underwear Are Supposed to be There.” Also, “The 8 Winter Lipsticks Dad is Wearing in the Shed.” Just glancing at it once a day puts a huge smile on my face. They’ve been killing it recently.

I’d love for everyone to share their favorite little found gems of the internet, and let’s all take a moment today to LOL. Because yes, the web is full of some terrible stuff, but it’s also full of this.

Photo by Wayne Miller. 

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