A Hug.

I’m hoping these words may offer a moment of respite, no matter how brief…

Allow yourself, especially today, to feel angry, confused, heartbroken, gobsmacked. “Today is not a good day,” texted my friend, Sarita. It is the shittiest, saddest day. It is despair, and utter disappointment. The sun is not shining. Even Kevin, unfalteringly positive Kevin, was in dismay as we gathered our things for work.

But as we all process this, may we begin to also make the individual choices that we have and will always have the right of making. Choose love. Choose to unite in fighting for each other. Choose strength and bravery as an achor and kindness as a buoy. Choose, in the words of Hillary Clinton, to be “hopeful, inclusive, and big-hearted.”

There was one thing that made me feel better today. My close friend, Joanna, came over with her 9 month old baby, Charlie. As he scooted around on the floor, flashing me his too-cute-for-words grin, I realized: this boy, too young right now to know what has happened, is being raised by a mother and father who will teach him that silence isn’t an option, that hate and fear is never the solution. Sweet Charlie IS what Hillary Clinton envisions for our country. He is hopeful, inclusive, and big-hearted. And he is our future.

Hang in there.


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3 thoughts on “A Hug.

  1. Oh my love, my son will grow up surrounded by BRILLIANT, powerful, awe-inspiring women who will humble him, as they do me, and who will show him how powerful love is.

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