A Great Podcast Episode

Every once in awhile, I’ll listen to a podcast episode that blows my socks off, and I always try to remember it so I can share with you guys! A few weeks ago, I listened to a Ted Radio Hour episode called “Decoding Emotions,” and I thought it was fascinating, especially how emotions are understood in a cultural context. Spoiler: there could be a robot in the near future that lives in our homes and assesses and monitors our emotional wellbeing. Also, the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows is now one of my favorite things — you’ll understand why after you listen 🙂

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One thought on “A Great Podcast Episode

  1. I recently listened to this episode, thanks for the recommendation! Those obscure sorrows are a comforting, friendly reminder that we are all in this together. On rougher days, I find Kate Bowler’s podcast Everything Happens very healing. Highly recommend if you haven’t listened to it yet!

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