A Great App

Two nights ago, I discovered the meditation app “Headspace.” I’ve toyed with meditation over the years — always feeling so grounded and refreshed after, but I’ve never stuck with it.

The app, coined the “gym membership for the mind,” starts with ten sessions, each ten minutes, to do every day. I’ve done only two, but I’m already hooked. It’s SO helpful to have someone guide you through it, and the instructor, Andy Puddicombe, a meditation guru and author of this popular book, has a pleasant, conversational tone (bonus! A British accent!). After you complete the 10 sessions, you can subscribe, and then from there, you have access to focus sessions — you can choose relationships, eating, depression, creativity, sleep, self-esteem, etc. There is even one called “SOS”, for those meltdown moments.

How helpful is that?! I definitely recommend downloading the app and trying it out. It’s gotten rave reviews, too — says the New York Times, “Andy Puddicombe is doing for meditation what Jamie Oliver has done for food.” A year subscribed to Headspace would make a great Christmas gift, too.

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