A Few Things

Hi guys! Let’s play catch-up….


What have your easy, go-to meals been these days? I’ve been on a rice and beans kick, because you can switch up the toppings (crispy shallots! sliced avocado! green onions! chopped tomato!), it keeps well in the fridge, and the price is right. My friend Liz also let me in on the secret to the best simmered black beans: a teaspoon of grainy mustard. It sounds weird but it is SO GOOD and adds just the right amount of kick.


On a separate note, I’ve finally discovered the convenience and magic of dry shampoo. I’ve tried a few different brands and found that the Living Proof “Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo” works best. A trick: use the product before your hair becomes greasy. I spray some into my roots a few hours after I shower.


My friend, Grace, turned me on to Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast, “Magic Lessons.” They’re comforting, inspirational, and warm, and tackle everything from procrastination to relationships.


Lastly, I am on the hunt for the perfect black jumpsuit to wear to my brother’s rehearsal dinner (he’s getting married in a few weeks!). I like this one from ASOS, but I’m still on the lookout. Where do you guys shop for special events?

Top photo via Wit & Delight. Beans and rice photo via Operation Bon Appetit. Hair photo via Pinterest

4 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. I just tried blue apron and one of the meals i loved – zucchini rice (diced zucchini sauteed with garlic salt and pepper, add rice and water and cook), sauteed corn and tomatoes (with garlic and shallots, add cilantro at the end), and pan fried chicken breast seasoned with salt pepper and ancho chili powder. so quick, healthy and tasty!

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