A 10 Second Mental Health Booster

You know that window of time when you feel yourself sliding into a crappy mood? It goes from a tiny twinge of grumpiness to a bitter taste in your mouth to a sour thought in your mind and then WHAM you’re in a bad mood. I’ve found that if I can catch that twinge of unhappiness right as it occurs — it literally feels like a pinched nerve — then I can prevent the bitter taste, the sour thought, and ultimately, the crappy mood.

What I do is: I immediately go outside and look up at the sky. It doesn’t matter if its blue or overcast, filled with wispy clouds or pitch black and starless — it always, always helps.

Photographer Michael Surtees took a picture of the sky every morning for 36 days, and even looking at all the different blues and lavenders he captured does the trick. (See the full series here.) Fun game: pick out a color for your kitchen. I pick this one or this one.

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Top image by Benjamin Heath

5 thoughts on “A 10 Second Mental Health Booster

  1. Wonderful idea. I agree with Megan – I’m going to start trying this at work! I also might have to copy Surtees and do my own consecutive sky photography here in AZ. 🙂

  2. It’s such a great idea! I actually look out the window for a minute every time I’m starting to feel that gloomy cloud over me at work, it’s so calming!

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