9 Small Gifts to Give For No Reason

You know what’s fun? Thinking of someone you love, or really like, who’s been a great friend or has just made you laugh a lot, and surprising them with a little present. Regardless of the gift, they’re always touched, and it’s a fun way to say, “Hey, you’re my friend, you rock.” Here are a few things I have bookmarked for when the occasion strikes…


For the friend who lives on pasta: A whale pasta strainer, $9



For the friend who always wears the prettiest jewelry: An edgy bangle, $9.



For the friend who needs a pick-me-up: A little reminder, $25

life tough


For the emoji-over-user: A pin, $16

poo emoji


For the homebody: Cozy slippers, $10



For the Sriracha fanatic: The only cookbook they’ll ever need, $12



For the friend who hoards pretty soap: One that smells like wildflowers and honey, $10



For the jokester: A shirt to make them laugh, $25



Lastly, for the friend who just needs a hug: A fresh batch of the best chocolate chip cookies.


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