8 Reasons Why My Parents Should Probably Be Dead

This morning, my mom sent me this pretty funny and eye opening article about the unsafe and commonly accepted ways in which children grew up in the 70’s. I thought it was worth sharing, and a throwback for some of you : )

Here are two of the ways:

Lack of seat belts“Cars came with seat belts in the 1970’s, but no one used them except maybe out of curiosity to see what it was like to wear one. Of course, you’d have to fish them out of the deep crevice of the backseat cushion where they often came to rest, unwanted and ignored.”

No Helmets: “Whether you were riding a bike, roller skating, or skateboarding, one thing was for certain: you were not wearing head protection. You would have been looked at a sideshow freak by other kids, and parents would assume you had some kind of medical condition.”

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Although I think sun screen and seat belts are always a good idea, there’s something about this article that even makes me feel nostalgic. These days, everything is so safe that perfectly good playgrounds are being torn down because they don’t pass “regulations.” Priorities seem to be off — the other day I ordered a “kiddie” size chocolate ice cream in my town and was presented with something that looked to be a full size medium.

See the full article here.

Top photo of my uncle! Left photo from Popartuk, right photo by Helen Levitt

2 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why My Parents Should Probably Be Dead

  1. OMG yes! I am a child of the 70’s and it never ceases to amaze me the things we did and survived. We roasted ourselves in baby oil, played the gutters and set up forts in alleys, we were latch-key kids and had hours upon hours of mischief. And, one of my fondest memories is of going to pre-school with my cousin because we had to go over Signal Hill and my mom and aunt would speed up so it was just like a roller coaster – with no seat belts!

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