6 Tips for the Perfect Cut off Jean Shorts

Every summer, I go shopping in search of a pair of jean shorts. I try on pair after pair and find that they always just look awkward (ever have that issue?!) or they’re just too expensive. So I go home and find an old pair of jeans and cut the legs off. But I never really know what I’m doing, and half the time I end up with a Daisy Duke wedge-y fail.

This summer, I tried something different: I actually did some quick DIY research before taking out my sewing box. It worked! I have a new favorite pair of cut offs from an ancient pair of Madewell jeans. Here’s how I did it…

1. Use jeans that don’t have a lot of spandex in them, aka “jeggings,” which can lead to sausage leg situation.
2. Turn the jeans inside out before you start cutting.
3. Place your favorite cut off shorts over the jeans and make a mark 2 inches below where the jean shorts hit (so you can cuff your new shorts).
4. Use a ruler if you’d like a precise cut (or have trouble cutting in a straight line).
5. Once you’ve cut off one leg, fold the jeans so the legs overlap and use the cut off jean leg as guidance, so you end up with the same length.
6. Cut in a slight V angle, which is super flattering.


Anything you’d add? 

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