4 Tips for Online Shopping

Shopping on the Cape is well, er, limited. Let’s just say a 30-minute drive to the Gap is thrilling.

So, when it comes to buying new boots or nice jeans or a warm sweater, online shopping is really the only option.  My girlfriends and I complain about how much time we spend at night browsing the web, numbly adding things to our “cart.” We are all shopping deprived. It’s tragic and unproductive.

I know we aren’t the only ones. We can’t be. SO in an effort to save money, keep my head on straight and prioritize life matters (career, mental wellness, friendships, etc), I wrote up a little list that I keep on my desktop and remind myself every time I fall into the crap shoot of MADEWELL.COM JCREW.COM ASOS.COM ANTHROPOLOGIE.COM. Here goes…

1. If it’s after midnight, it doesn’t matter how much you like it. Close your laptop and go to bed. Order it in the morning if you still love it.

2. “Treat yo’self” is legitimate and important, even. If you feel like the item is a “treat yo’self” worthy splurge, imagine spending the money on it, and then ask yourself (honestly!) if you’ll feel good and happy about it — knowing that you deserve something special once in a while — or if you’ll feel a sinking guilt about buying it.

3. Don’t fall for the “if you add $32.50 more to your cart, you’ll qualify for free shipping!” Chances are high you’ll end up with $32.50 worth of things that are just meh, that you would never bring home if you saw in the store.

4. Don’t order something because it looks amazing on the model — they have spent butt loads of money and time making it look the most appealing it can possibly look. Instead, imagine it on you, on a rainy, lame day. If you still love it, go for it.

I swear by these rules, and have to remind myself at least 50 times a day, ha. What would you add?

Image from La Cool et Chic

2 thoughts on “4 Tips for Online Shopping

  1. Most important rule of all: no online shopping while drunk. Have legitimately gotten clothes that I barely remember ordering…

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