4 Favorite Workout Videos

I’ll admit: I’m not the best at carving out time everyday for exercise, but when I do, I prefer working out at home — where I can blast music, collapse on the floor afterwards, and then immediately make a giant smoothie :). Over time, I’ve found some pretty great workouts online, so I wanted to share a few favorites here. Starting with…


I LOVE this guy’s energy — he’s hilarious and upbeat but not obnoxiously positive. It’s a hard workout (think planks and burpees), but it goes by quickly.

High Energy Dancing and Toning

This class combines dancing, cardio, and toning. It’s another high-intensity workout, but there’s a good amount of stretching and mat time, too. This would be a fun one to do with a girlfriend. Tacos and margaritas after, of course!

Abs and Pilates

Not going to lie — I’m cursing at her in the middle of her videos (she’s cloying and chatty), but I also see results within days, so I swear by them. This is one of her earlier videos, but she has a ton of ab-targeted workouts under 10 minutes and they’re all super effective.



When you don’t feel like busting your balls, this class is great. It’s both rejuvenating and grounding, and the instructor has a lovely energy. I did this yesterday and felt soooo relaxed and centered.

Have you found any workouts online that you swear by? I’d love to know! XO

2 thoughts on “4 Favorite Workout Videos

  1. If you’ve been searching on YouTube you must know Yoga with Adriene… I’ve been doing her videos for years now and it’s really time to branch out! I’ll have to try some of these.

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