4 Favorite Jewelry Shops on Etsy

I just fell down an Etsy rabbit hole. There is SO MUCH GOOD STUFF on that website! I am itching for some new jewelry (I wear the same necklace and ring every day) and was really impressed by these three sellers…

BenuMade has funky and playful statement pieces.


I love how these hand earrings would make your outfit. Just throw on a black dress and BAM!


il_fullxfull.1084462244_jqmb il_fullxfull.1129431371_let1

WeareArrow has an earthy, hammered look that I love…


il_570xN.648223380_jqxv il_fullxfull.1072714338_ceay

Lumafina might be my favorite. Symmetrical, graphic, eye catching, elegant.


il_570xN.1102105519_2323 il_570xN.1021196909_dpdz

Lastly, Hannah Naomi has such beautiful, simple, and wearable pieces — you’d never take them off. And the knot ring below is $14!


il_570xN.565310812_47ja il_570xN.837257848_ad60

Which one’s your favorite?

BenuMade via Miss Moss

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