3 Youtubers I Love

Youtube has the tendency to be a total crap shoot — you can end up spending two hours giggling at weird cat videos or trembling at grainy shark attack videos (don’t do it). There are gems, though — talented chefs and comedians and actors hidden among the “this baby was born with two heads!” videos. Either they’ve made their youtube channel their primary day job, or it’s an invested hobby – either way, these videos don’t leave with you with a bad taste in your mouth.

Bored Shorts TV

OK- this might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I die laughing every time and find the concept incredibly charming (adults acting out 4 year old’s conversations).

Anna Akana

I just discovered Anna recently, and I’m now addicted to her videos. She’s feisty and funny and clever, and her videos are masterfully edited. I believe she is an actress living in LA.

Laura in the Kitchen

I discovered Laura’s cooking videos a loooong time ago, and have since sent them to friends who want to learn to cook more easy meals during the week. Laura is bubbly, warm, and entertaining, and she walks you through each recipe in such a friendly, casual way — it makes you feel like you’re sitting across the counter sipping wine while she cooks.

There you have it, for anyone feeling like vegging out on the coach this weekend : )

Image from Vintage Everyday

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