3 Great Apps

Apps have really been stepping up their game recently — with a focus on ways to make your life easier. Here are three I’ve been loving…

Headspace. I got hooked on this meditation app last year, but didn’t actually start using it consistently until this summer. Now I meditate every other day, and I love it, already seeing a difference in how I handle anxiety, stress, anger, and frustration. Plus, it’s accessible — just grab a pair of headphones and zone out. I’ve “headspaced” on the bus, at the beach, even walking my dog. The visualizations have really stuck with me, too. Here’s one about picturing your mind as a blue sky:

You can download it for free, try out 10 sessions, and from there, subscribe (monthly or annually), or stick to your 10 sessions (which you can repeat as many times as you want). Look out for promotions if you decide on subscribing– I was able to snag a deal.

(Not)Recipes, the app by Food52, is essentially an Instagram for food. Browse your feed for dinner ideas, or search by ingredient and see what people are making. It’s also a great way to remember your own meals! I screenshot an example so you could see:


Level Money was recommended to me (ahem, therapist), so I could feel a little more on top of finances. You simply plug in your bank info and BAM — Level lets you know how much you’re earning, how much you’re spending, and what you have left for coffee, shoes, and…more shoes. I’d highly recommend it if you want to start budgeting but, like me, have no idea where to start.

What apps do you use regularly? Would love to know! 

Image via Society6.

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