9 Amazing Instagram Accounts

Hi my friends! I am back from an unintentional hiatus (read: birthday weekend in the houuuse!) and so ready to catch up. First on the agenda: my favorite Instagram accounts. Here are 9 of them…


Sad Animal Facts

An Instagram gem, this account makes me smile every time. Bonus: you learn a new and completely random animal fact every day.

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Cabin Porn

It’s so nice to stumble on a soothing cabin scene as you’re browsing your feed. It’s like a teeny teeny tiny escape during a busy day.

c c1

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The Fat Jewish

By far the most inappropriate, non PC Instagram account in existence (I gathered up the tamest so as not to offend), but wow, is this guy hilarious. I’m usually buckled over laughing at his posts.

21 20

dog bey


Posie Harwood

My friend Posie splits her time between New York City and Vermont and takes the most beautiful, airy photographs (she also writes for Food52 and King Arthur Flour so she knows her food stuff!)

1 2

3 4


The Dogist

The Dogist walks around New York City and takes portraits of canines (fun fact: I’ve known the genius behind the lens for years!). His pictures are great and I love how perfectly he captures each dog’s essence. You can really get a sense of their personality by just looking at the photos, amirite??

tumblr_np4um4jPrj1slm9b6o1_500 tumblr_nomhvbmFx21slm9b6o1_500

tumblr_nphfnaU45T1slm9b6o1_500 tumblr_npjbwdM15Z1slm9b6o1_500


Andrea Dabene

Andrea is a french photographer who has a series of playful photographs that I love — her, in an amazing setting, jumping into the air in a red skirt. Side note: she must be a dancer because when I jump I do not look like that…

a a4

a3 a2


Hot Dudes Reading

Completely superfluous, but so good. What else is there to say?

hot1 hot2

hot3 hot4


Pengiun the Magpie

I love the story behind this account — a young boy in Australia found an abandoned baby magpie and has since taken it in as his beloved pet and best friend. The father captures moments between the boy and bird, and the photographs are the sweetest.

bird bird 2

bird 5 bird 4


Alexandra Cooks

There are a million food accounts in Instagram, but I love this one because the photos are enticing but not over-styled (and I actually want to make everything that she posts.). How good does that all look?!

food 2 food 5

food 3 food


And lastly, my girl Shannon just introduced me to this one, which is kind of horribly cringe-worthy but funny and spot on (warning: it’s probably not suitable for all work environments).

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