Winter Dinner Party Idea Part 2: Apple Cider Donuts

I guess this isn’t really “dinner” per se, but just a fun thing to do with a group of friends. Let’s be real. It’s the BEST thing to do with a group of friends.


I consider donuts, along with three layer cakes and fried chicken wings, for example, to be the kind of treat you make for a crowd. Donuts thrive at a dinner party  — are the life of the party. Can’t you just see your tipsy, hungry friends hovered by the stove waiting eagerly for the freshly fried pieces of heaven to be dipped and swirled in cinnamon sugar? I can, and it’s kind of magical.


Note: I take zero credit in the making of these donuts, so let’s all applaud Ashley, my dear friend and pastry chef who can turn out a dessert like nobody’s business. She made the dough ahead of time, popped it in the fridge, and when it was go time, fried them up on the spot. Don’t be intimated though, cake donuts like these come together quickly and don’t require fancy skills. Bonus: as long as your oil isn’t super dirty after the first go around, you can save it and use it the next morning for fresh donuts. If you’re wondering, Ashley followed Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for apple cider donuts, and they are so, so good. Hint: you fry the donuts in shortening…


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