What’s Your Go-To Cheap and Quick Dinner?

When you’re tight for cash, or you just dropped your grocery money on a pair of gorgeous shoes — what do you make for dinner? My go-to is (no surprise here): pasta. But, from time to time, I’ll switch it up. In the colder months, I’ll make black bean soup and top it with avocado, or I’ll braise cabbage and make roasted potatoes. Here are 10 other ideas, and please share yours….

Olive Oil Fried Eggs with Yogurt

Salmon Burgers with Slaw (using high quality canned salmon makes these super easy and affordable).

Garlic Naan Pizza, with whatever toppings you like.

Pasta con Ceci

Black Bean Quesadillas

Braised Cabbage with Anchovies and Garlic (I use purple or green cabbage, and I cut down the braising time because I like the cabbage to have a little bite to it. So delicious with a chunk of bread and butter, or tossed with some buttered noodles).

Curried Lentil and Tomato Coconut Soup

Shakshuka (for an extra shortcut, use a jar of Rao’s)

Tomato Tortellini Soup

Sausage, Roasted Potatoes and Arugula (sub chicken sausage if you like)

This Serious Eats thread also has some great ideas, including open-face tuna melts, rice with butter and parm and a fried egg, and peanut noodles. And I like this idea of turning a roast chicken into a week of (not-boring) dinners.

Top photo via Food52. 

10 thoughts on “What’s Your Go-To Cheap and Quick Dinner?

  1. mmm yummy 🙂 I’m so boring–mine are 2 overeasy eggs (crushed red pepper, black pepper, cheese, hot sauce!) with an english muffin topped with pb, or cheerios!

    happy new year!! <3

  2. Beans and rice with sauteed veggies of some kind, lentil or bean soup, homemade hummus, eggs in some form (current favorite is a cheddar chard omelette), or “healthy” nachos (with veggies and beans on top of all the cheese), Annie’s mac & cheese with broccoli, baked potatoes….

      • Yes! And I always forget how easy it actually is. It *seems* like it should be a big productive, and then it’s…. not. Which is a great surprise. Enjoy!

  3. Breakfast Burritos for breakfast lunch and dinner! Scramble the eggs with whatever veggies or cheese you have lying around, throw it all in a low-carb tortilla and top with hot sauce (of course.) 🙂

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