Washburn Oysters at Pie in the Sky

Before this summer, I wasn’t a big oyster fan. I just couldn’t make that mental leap that they were basically alive as they slid down my throat and that I was supposed to be okay with that. I worried that I’d one day feel their itty bitty hearts beating in my mouth or hear a tiny cry for help (joking).

oysters 8

And then this summer, I randomly started really liking them. I feel stupid for not realizing this sooner, but nothing tastes better than a fresh, cool oyster topped with a big dot of spicy cocktail sauce.

Around the same time, I discovered that Washburn Island Oysters was setting up in front of Pie in the Sky every weekend and selling their kick ass oysters.

That’s a hefty, annoyingly local sentence for you non Cape Cod dwellers — so let me explain.

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Pie in the Sky is the quaint, cozy café that for years has attracted tourists and Martha’s Vineyard vacationers for its gigantic popovers and in-house roasted coffee. Nestled on the corner of Water Street, it’s one of the few attractive “hang out spots” in town. You can order a BLT, cross the street, and then watch anxious biker tourists with awkward sweat stains shovel down egg salad sandwiches.

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Washburn Oysters is an oyster farm in Waquoit Bay that harvests the best oysters you’ll ever eat. They are protected, nurtured, and loved while they grow, and then distributed and sold around the Cape Cod and Boston area. Fun fact: my friend Flannery, who lives on this house boat, works at Washburn Island Oysters. She’s a badass.

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This summer, Washburn Island Oysters started selling their oysters every Thursday-Sunday at Pie in the Sky from 2-9pm, which means that if you are passing through on the way to Martha’s Vineyard, you’ll probably have approximately 15 minutes to knock an oyster back.

oysters 6

They’re $2.50 each, which is steep, but well worth it. Try it with the homemade cocktail sauce (my favorite), or with Rooster’s Rocket Fuel, a local hot sauce that will knock your socks off.

oysters 7

There are no words to describe how good these oysters are. They’re salty, sweet, smooth, and clean. You’ll just have to try one.

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