This Cookbook Looks Amazing

I was browsing a bookstore earlier today when I came across Melissa Clark’s new(ish) cookbook, Dinner: Changing the Game. I’ve always been a fan of her recipes in the New York Times — pasta with caramelized cabbage, hot honey shrimp, and salmon with anchovy butter being among my favorites — but flipping through her cookbook, I wanted to make every single dish. I love the range of flavors in her recipes (she’s a big fan of umami and spice, my kind of girl!) and she often includes pantry ingredients that are accessible and cheap. Anyway, I think I have go to back and get this one. It looks SO GOOD!

What’s your go-to weeknight cookbook? Would love to hear!

One thought on “This Cookbook Looks Amazing

  1. It IS amazing; one of the best cookbooks I’ve gotten in a long time (as in, I’ve been using it a ton and mostly loved everything I’ve tried). Get it and make the pizza chicken!!!!!!!!

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