The Ingredient to Add to All of Your Summer Pasta Dishes

Last night, I opened my fridge and realized I had a huge box of fresh basil in my crisper drawer, barely touched. I loooove basil, but it goes bad quickly, and I often end up throwing away browned leaves. And then I remembered a tip my mom told me awhile go: throw all your basil into a food processor, add some olive oil and salt, and blend. It’s a very simple pesto, but it keeps in your fridge for days, and in your freezer for even longer. I made a batch last night and tossed it into an improved pasta dish (shown above), and it was killer. I now plan to add it to everything — salad dressing, sandwiches, grilled chicken…Mmm.

For those interested in the recipe: I sliced zucchini into long, thin matchsticks (to match the shape of fettuccine), sautéed it in olive oil until it was softened and browned, then added minced garlic and a splash of white wine. I let that simmer for a few minutes, and finished the sauce with some cream and a big dollop of the basil oil. Finally, I added the al dente fettuccine directly to the pan and and tossed it all together, loosening the sauce with a little pasta water. Voila!

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