The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Town

I strongly believe that wherever you live, you should know where to find the best chocolate chip cookies. Even if you know how to make really good cookies yourself, there are times when you need one now and not in thirty minutes.

In NYC, there are heated debates over the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in town. Here, the debate is scaled down (juuuust a little). It still exists, though! You can find chocolate chip cookies here, but a lot of them are meh.

chocolate chip cookies 2

Maison Villate opened its doors in Falmouth a year or two ago. It smells like chocolate butter heaven and always has a line, which is a big deal since there are never lines here, anywhere. It’s worth it, though –their chocolate chip cookies are everything I hope for: buttery, rich, with big pieces of chocolate, a chewy center and crisp edges. Have you tried one?

cho chip cookies 3

And since you’re waiting in line for that cookie, pick up an olive loaf. Thank me later!

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